Marking Email as Junk

Office 365 Web Application

If you use an Apple or Android email client the ability to block senders is not available. In order to control unwanted and unsolicited messages you will have to do is in the Outlook Web Application.

  • Log into the Outlook Web Application at
  • Right-click the unwanted or unsolicited message.
  • Left-click Mark as junk
  • A window will appear asking if you would like to report the junk email. If you choose to report the junk email it will be sent to Microsoft to help improve the accuracy of their junk email filter.

Microsoft Outlook Junk Email Filter

The Junk Email Filter is designed to keep junk email messages, also known as spam, from cluttering your Inbox.

Change the level of junk email protection

  • In Mail, On the Home tab, in the Delete group, click Junk, and the click Junk E-mail Options.
  • On the Options tab, select the level of protection that you want:
    • No Automatic Filter – Although this turns off the automatic Junk Email Filter, messages are still evaluated by using the domain names and emails addresses in your Blocked Senders List.
    • Low – If you don’t receive many junk messages, or want to filter only the messages that are the most obvious junk, select this option.
    • High – If you receive lots of junk messages, but don’t want to restrict messages from sender on your safe lists, select this option. You should periodically review message moved to the Junk Mail folder, because some legitimate messages might also be moved.
    • Safe Lists Only – This is the most restrictive option. Any message that is sent neither from someone on your Safe Senders List nor to a mailing list on your Safe Recipients List, is classified as junk.