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Protect Yourself from VPNFilter


ICT Security Advisory. Home Routers at Risk - U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Warning: DHS has issued a warning about malicious software, known as malware, which targets home-network routers and puts information that flows through them at risk. The most important thing for you to do is to turn your router off and then back on. Doing so disrupts certain parts of the malware and makes it non-operational. For additional measures, go to


Apple Mac OS X

How to Lock the Screen of an Apple Mac OS X Computer


Mac OS X lock screen


Windows PC

How to Lock the Screen of a Windows PC Computer


Steeping Away? 'Windows Key' + 'L'. Lock your computer every time. It takes a moment to log in, but it can take a lifetime to recover from identity theft. for more cyber Security tips, visit


Microsoft Windows BitLocker Whole Disk Encryption

How to Enable BitLocker To Go for External Hard Drives and USB Flash Drives

I’ve Been Locked Out of My BitLocker Encrypted Computer!


BitLocker password screen


Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook

Add a Sender to the Blocked Senders List

Marking Email as Junk

Forwarding Email Headers

How to Password Protect and Restrict Editing of Documents in Microsoft Office



How to Encrypt Android Devices

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Two-Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication process


iOS 10 Safety Tips

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Password Managers


Password manager diagram

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Instructions if your iPhone is Lost or Stolen

Instructions if your Android is Lost or Stolen


What should you do if your phone is lost or stolen? 1. Always lock with a code or password. 2. Update and back up your phone often. 3. Install "Find My Device/Iphone." 4. Alert your phone provider ASAP if your phone is missing.