With every passing day, threats to NMSU systems and data grow, both in number and sophistication. One answer to these threats is NMSU’s implementation of Two-Factor Authentication, or 2FA, to safeguard access. 2FA is a data security method that requires the user to provide two verification factors – something you know and something you possess – to gain access to a system, electronic account, or other secure technology.

Where do I sign up for 2FA?

Visit https://kb.nmsu.edu/107609.

Video tutorial on how to set up 2FA

We also have a video guide below for those in need of additional help.

Doesn’t a passphrase provide all of the security NMSU needs?

In a word, no. Currently, access to sensitive data and systems at NMSU depends on a single verification factor, the NMSU passphrase, to verify that the person requesting access is allowed access. If a hacker has stolen the passphrase, then data and systems are at risk. The addition of another factor greatly increases the security of NMSU data and systems because in order to access those systems and data, two authentication factors are required instead of just one.

How does 2FA work at NMSU?

As stated above, you already know the first factor. It’s your passphrase. The second factor is something you have outside of your passphrase. At NMSU, it is a verification that NMSU will send to your phone or other devices anytime someone tries to access your NMSU systems, accounts, or data. A hacker may steal your passphrase. He will not have your phone to which the verification will be sent.


Log in with your computer then verify with your phone

I want 2FA! When will 2FA be available?

2FA is currently available and has been fully implemented by NMSU.

Where do I get help or additional information?

The NMSU helpdesk is available to answer questions at help@nmsu.edu or 575-646-1840.