Forwarding E-mail Headers Outlook 2010



Forward E-mail with Full Headers Outlook 2010

When troubleshooting a problem, the Information Security department can better assist with that when we see the complete message that you are receiving, including the header information. We prefer this to be sent as an attachment when possible.

The following steps to do that are listed below

1. Start a new message
2. Select Attach Item from toolbar
3. Select Outlook Item
4. Browse to the message you are inquiring about and select to attach it


1. Start a new message
2. Move and resize the window so you can see your messages list.
3. Select the e-mail that you want to forward
4. Drag and drop it into the body of your new message.

To view the full headers of a message:
1. Select the options group in the ribbon and click on the small arrow icon in the lower right corner to open the Message Options dialog box.
2. The headers will be in the lower half in the section marked Internet Headers.